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My response to all the mediocre and ignorant people in the once glorious, now totally lost and almost dead tbd land

Calling me a spammer, deleting my blog post, ignoring copyright laws, ostracizing me, productive member of the community, leads to a slow death of this community. Unfortunately, I did not notice that - I was helping to revive the headless dead tbd body.

This community is clinging to life, but there are no ideas that feed it, therefore I predict that it will die. Forbidding links, deleting blog postings – total ignorance, a sign of a very mindless policy and disrespect to one of the oldest members of the tbd community – me. Community self-destruction process started. The results will appear very soon.

I thank all people that expressed their concern and support to me.

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Hey, Quinn, if you are using Firefox browser, you might want to use Spellchecker 1.2 add-on. Get's very handy when a person is mad and makes unintentional spelling errors.
Google Toolbar works as well.
Thank-you Q. I was thinking along the same lines, but if I vocalized it I might be accused of being in the KKK. Don't really care now, I'm a member of the Gay Mafia LOL. We get to be bitches too! Move along then Alla, stop this petty grade school behavior. I did support you, but your use of "mediocre and ignorant" is pretty rude. That whole discrimination thing is B.S. as well, not a card that you needed to play here. When you settle down in your new place, be sure to write (or not).BTW- I had something typed out before this, but I didn't want to come across as too pedestrian in my response so I held back...for a moment.

Hey, Melly, let's hope tomorrow is a better day, you will read the last sentence of Quinn's reply and have your 'red pencil' fun.
I never mentioned Quinn's or your or anybody else' name. I never had any problems with neither Quinn nor yourself. I wrote to people that made the decision and actually hurt me. You conveniently did not notice that I thanked people that expressed their support to me. I have no plans to move anywhere. But I might very well be banned. So, cheer up, not everything is lost.
You didn't write TO the people who made the decision, you wrote ABOUT the people who made the decision, and wrote it where everyone could read it. I hate coming in here and finding dirty laundry hanging about.
kainsworth, I wrote my message the way I figured would be the most efficient way to post my reply to be effective. You've got to do your laundry. Yes, it's your laundry 2.

LadyBug, if somebody thinks you are selling the pill and blows the whistle on you, you are in trouble.
Dear Anthony, I love people that misspell their words. They make me rich! If you are really interested why I said that, just ask. I will explain, seriously.




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