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I live just below that large west side dark area which is bisected Interstate 10. The lower half is the George H.W. Bush Park & Reservoir. The reservoir is working, so far my neighborhood has not flooded yet.

A great city, but sometimes a nightmare to drive in it. LoL :-)

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When I was there the first time I sweated to death.  The second time a hurricane flooded me out.  But the streets were cleaner then normal.

I hope you were not here during Tropical Storm Allison (2001). That little storm was indeed a nightmare for us.

Water damaged from Tropical Storm Allison.

Hurricane Ike ( Cat 3 storm ) 2008 was no picnic either.

As for the summer heat in Houston, there are worst places in Texas. Try Central, North or West Texas, there is little or no humidity. Your skin will feel like it's on fire. :-)




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