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Why do hotels have mirrors in the bathroom that takes up an entire wall? And above the mirror is full length fluorescent lighting. Rooms for old people should have a tiny mirror with incondescent lighting.

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Exactly! LMAO I just spent 4 days at a hotel at the beach. Looking in that mirror didn't do a whole lot for my self - esteem. Yikes! was what I was saying. LOL
the devil makes us do it. The devil being the franchise. I think its cruel. The housekeepers should not keep them so sparkling clean. They need a cut in pay.
Yes, Pru, fitting room lighting has improved. I find the lighting at Target,anywhere in the store, discouraging.
And Larry, I say smaller mirrors would be more than adequate and less expensive. Would help us preserve some sense of attractive self. If you're a man, you only need glasses and a small mirror to shave and comb your hair, right?
Reality Bites, but guys we should learn to love and be proud of every wrinkle, bump or extra stuffing here and there.

Seriously, I think that is the problem with most single people over forty, they don't spend enough time looking at themselves in full length mirrors. It is so much easier to critique age on others.
I put a mirror next to the front door in my new apartment.

Later I saw a lady coming to visit me.

Oh, that was me.

I moved the mirro.
Exactly, SD1! LOL SeaRain.
It seems to be a matter of perspective....

I don't like looking at myself in those full-length mirrors. If hubby catches sight of me in it though..... ;-)
larry aren't you happy they don't have those mirrors on the ceiling ;-)
Try leaving the lights off.




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