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Post a pic of a movie star and the next person guesses who it is....


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Very good try Doug. BethD you are correct. It wasn't easy finding a picture of him without his F-Troop hat on.


Some people should be heard and not seen.

My comment was a clue.
My apologies.
Richardo Montalban ??
No, not Ricardo Montalban. Here's another clue: the cacthphrase of his most famous character was the title of a movie starring Barbara Streisand.

ahhh, i think i pieced it together. The movie was "what's up doc?"- Barabra Striesand was excellent in that, and then I thought of Bugs Bunny and all those years of watching with my bro, I remembered the voice artist was Mel Blanc.  Hope i got it right.

Good clue, Dug!! Such a young pic of him there!

Your power of deductive reasoning has served you well, my dear Karen!!! Mel Blanc it is!!!! You get to post the next pic!!!


Thank you for your sharp observations on my reasoning skills, Thee Slayer Dug, Sir!! Ok, try this spooky guy out

OK, when i can get TBD to let me post it, I surely will.......having issues here


could it be Vincent Price?
no, it is a old time horror movie actor though
Count Dracula Bela  Lugosi !




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