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Post a pic of a movie star and the next person guesses who it is....


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Here's a fun guy!!!

Gene Wilder. I saw that movie in the movies when it came out.


I watch it every year, i never get sick of it!!!  I love when Marty Feldman says, "The brain belongs to someone named Abby..Abby Normal."   eeeeeee heeeee heeeeee!!


Ok, next:

I am  just guessing Bill Bixby?
yes ma'm, you got him!!!

Ready for another?

clint Eastwood?
not at all...how about think West Side Story....

George Chakiris ??

This is a tough one to guess.

you got it!!!  He was great in that movie!!

Ok, ready for another one? This is so easy- and he is my all-time favorite actor, ever, ever!!


Pee Wee Herman?




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