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Post a pic of a movie star and the next person guesses who it is....


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Rock Hudson?

nope, Rock is quite taller....

the lady is Doris Day and the guy has quite the singing voice....think some Rodgers and Hammerstein movies........

Is it Richard Conte? It looks like him.

No, sorry...here's a big hint...he sang "oh, what a beautiful mornin" in Oklahoma....

I think I got it, though he does look like "Richard Conte".


I am guessing it is another Jersey Boy "Gordan MacRae"?


Do another one , this is fun. I don't know how to post stuff.

By George, I think you got it!!!  YAAY!!!  The man can sing!!

Sorry,  I was watching the Oscars!  Love that Colin Firth, so glad he got Best Actor!!

Here is an actress for you to guess:

Is it Jennifer Love Hewitt?
no, she is a french actress, she was in Inception and a movie called Le Vie en Rose.
Marion Cottillard, born in Paris, France?
YAY!!!  You did it!!!  Nice research!!

Love this Actor



Gregory Peck




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