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Post a pic of a movie star and the next person guesses who it is....


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YAY, Beth you got it!! 

post another one, I try  put it won't go on.

I don't  know why.

I can post pix on my page, but not on threads since the format changed.

Here's an easy one, until someone comes up with something better.


Wow.  The only way I could load it was big!

It didn't used to be this hard to load a picture.

I know what you mean, Faye!  That is Robert Duvall as Boo Radley!! I didn't post a pic because it wouldn't  work at all - darn!!

yes I used to be able to load pix easy.

Then the thing changed.

They won't load.


 I used to be able, but it is changed for sure, Beth.  I cant post any now.  If someone figures out the prob, please share the solution if u can!

come on, guess who this is.....

Adam Sandler?

close, but no ci-gar. 

here's a hint for you all.....he has the same initials as the first letters of the "golden arches" franchise.  oh ya, and he is HOT!

Macauley Culkin?




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