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Post a pic of a movie star and the next person guesses who it is....


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come on guys....here's a hint....he is an Irish man, think John Wayne movies.........oh, and Jimmy Stewart movie
Could it be Ward Bond?

nope. sorry....  his initials are T.M.

He was also in Gone with the Wind.....

I got it!!!


 Irish Jersey Boy Thomas Mitchell.


do another one this is fun.


I can, but it is your turn now......if you want i will go.......

ok. twist my arm   LOL

who is this?


i had a big time crush on this one, he had a magic flute in his shirt pocket on a tv show....

Is it Uncle Fester = Jackie Coogan ?




nope........you got the first name right, minus the ie  LOL
Jack Wild? 'The Artful Dodger.'
you got it, lady!!!  your turn now!!!!

I don't know how to download from internet onto this site.:(

So some else has to post a photo.

ok, since it hasnt sparked much interest, i will go again.....

 the girl is real obvious, but who is the guy???




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