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you take daddy's hand...
as you toddle off you turn
and reach for mommy

My little boy forever--I love you so.

burnt toast and a rose...
the best breakfast of my life
garnished with your love

I'm smiling this morning, my dearest son, remembering the precious gift of you. I love you always.

mother's day morning...
i hear you whisper sweetly
"i love you mommy!"

i open my eyes
and reach for your little hand...
your giggles echo

As I grow older and nearer the end, you remain forever young. I pray I'll hold you again, my dearest son.

I am most grateful

for your unique way to show

how much you love us.

the longer you're gone
the more often i believe
i hear you calling

i start in the night
and swing my feet to the floor...
then i remember

now i wonder if 
you're drawing closer to me
or it's i to you

I love and miss you, Mommy. Happy Mother's Day.

i'm joyful for all 
the mothers who celebrate
sad for us who mourn

we sit in silence
listening for the echo
of happier times

I long to hear your laughter, son, and feel your cheek against mine. Mother loves you, Gower.

missing you tonight...
i wish you were fast asleep
in the next bedroom

Happy Mother's Day, M'Dear, wherever you are.

this morning i woke
from a dream of your sweet voice...
"happy mother's day!"

i pretend to sleep...
you and your daddy giggle
outside our bedroom

"happy mother's day!!!"
you bustle in laden with
pancakes and flowers

"oh, what a surprise!"
kisses, hugs, and syrup spill...
lilacs bloom in joy

Remembering you today, as I do every day, my dearest son. The joy you gave me never ends. I'll love you forever.

i see you always
in the corner of my eye
with all my dear ghosts

Missing you, Mommy. Happy Mother's Day.

i wonder today
what sort of man you would be...
my heart has no doubt

Your precious memory makes this Mother's Day a beautiful one for me, Gower. I love you always.




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