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never forgotten...
i still listen for your call
in the dead of night

Happy Mother's Day, M'Dear!

by mom's bed table
a half-knit yellow sweater
waits where she left it

memories of you
inhabit every corner
of this little house

Happy Mother's Day, Mommy.

my boy child and i
the day's sole inhabitants
watch a hummingbird

my first Mother's Day

alone after your passing

I'll love you always

i dream of your eyes...
fathomless pools of sea blue
looking up at me

i see in those eyes
a mother's greatest treasure...
unquestioning love

your hugs were magic
how i could use one now...
i love you mommy

you never grew up...
in my heart you are a man
tall as your father

your blue eyes are kind
they still sparkle like star shine
your smile lights the room

you're holding flowers
just like when you were little...
my heart overflows

wherever you are
your mother's love is with you
for eternity

Always beside you, my beloved son.

you won't be saying 
happy mother's day today...
it makes my heart ache

There are no words to express how I love and miss Gower and you, Draughn.

rest in peace Sudan

may those frozen sperm samples

make many mothers

i second that wish...
thanks to Sudan and his friends
for future rhinos

The news of Sudan's passing made me sad--how much beauty this world loses every day--but I do hope the efforts of his carers, and geneticists, etc. will bring back the northern white rhino. I guess it's a gamble, but a little hope is better than no hope at all.

i hope you are young
i hope you're somewhere with dad
i hope you're happy

I love you, Mommy. Happy Mother's Day.




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