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With the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Mayor Bloomberg of New York City has canceled Halloween. This way trick-or-treaters won't be meandering around in darkness or avoiding fallen trees and other hazardous conditions from the hurricane. While the safety of our children and parade participants is important and while most people support his decision , he has attracted the wrath of one devilish fellow, namely Satan. You don't piss off the devil. How the Grinch stole Christmas is one thing. How the mayor canceled Halloween is quite another story.
It seems the official residence of our ghoulish mayor, Gracie Mansion is now swarming with poltergeists and Mayor Bloomberg is afraid to sleep there. He's called in a group of experts including psychic medium John Edward to rid his home of the ghostly entities in what he calls Operation Apparitions. Kitchen Nightmares has become a reality for the mayor.
"No Halloween.! !! This is unthinkable" said Shelly Weiss, the great grand daughter of magician Harry Houdini. Even the friendly ghost, Casper, is appalled of the mayor's decision and plans to start his own crusade of malevolent hauntings.
Department stores, costume shops, small businesses that rely on Halloween sales, and places like Party City are not in very good spirits with Halloween being canceled. Frankenstein, Dracula, the Wolfman, and Lindsay Lohan could not be reached for comment regarding Halloween. The Flash is disappointed that the NYC Marathon was canceled and now nobody will be wearing his superhero outfit. No one and no thing is happy over these tough decisions. Even the pumpkins are not putting on their happy grins.
"Just wait until the next Witches Sabbath ", American Tea Party favorite Christine O'Donnell was quoted. "You have no idea what tricks lie ahead for New York City.BEWARE."


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