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Welcome everyone, I am Ladyg your Mardi Gras hostess for the weekend. I would like to welcome everyone to Ladyg’s Place. Yesterday we had a lot of technical problems that prevented us from having our party. I hope that those things have been resolved. So we will start our Sunday off with some Beignets and coffee as we wait until noon to start our parade and all day party. We will be open every Saturday for Mardi Gras season for your enjoyment. Bring a friend, but remember if they do not belong to the Welcome Lounge they will have to join in order to participate in the fun. Ladyg - Owner Mary - Manager Lynn - Bartender

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good morning, friends! i encountered that problem only once this morning...a vast improvement over last nite, and hopefully they'll finish fixing it soon!

i'll be in and out during the afternoon, but i think this will work out just fine, for Sunday! see you all later!
Good morning friends! Looks like it's going to be an "iffy" day here, but we'll keep on trying!
yes, i'm having problems today too, that message above was still "loading" when i came back here a half hour later...but stuff seems to load, it just gets hung up in showing the posting. grrrrr.
Well, here I am once again........it's taken me this long just to get in again....and don't know if what I write will even show up.....LOL.........oh well, just a day in TBD........think about taking a nappy...as it's been raining off and on all day.........I will try to be back later after a nap.....zzzzzzzzz........*poof* :)
Hmmm, this is interesting, have been playing hide and seek with site, and am back in here...wonder what will happen when I click add reply????????
Well here am I again answering my own comments......lol........but...one never knows around here in TBD if it is going to work or be wacky......:)
i had put up a post, Mary, but seems it vanished.... good to see you and Ladyg too, across the street in eons. nice to have a backup, for sure!
still not working well enough for a party.... but we tried!
Yeah we did try........wouldn't you know it, the 1st weekend of Mardi Gras.........and TBD just had to wack up.........oh well that is life I guess.....:)




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