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i thought this was rather interesting ...and touching too

Love can be lost and found

February 15, 2015, 9:09 AM|According to a study by a Cal State University Professor, former sweethearts who meet up later in life, and are single, have a better than 70 percent chance of getting back together for good. Tracy Smith reports on some real-life examples.


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If you can let go of the past , it could very well work . Dang I gotta start watching House of Cards . ,looks interesting !

What they don't tell you is that in the other almost 30 percent of cases is that a homicide resulted.

well if you get a wackjob you dumped 30 years ago and they show up one day DRESSED IN THE VERY SAME CLOTHES. it might be an idea to run like the wind for other parts....

Yup. They find each other after decades, realize they wasted their entire lives, then one of them dies because we are all old now.  Bleh!

I think I may never have really been in love because there is no one alive I would like to go back to.  There was one with whom I was completely satisfied physically for five years, never even thought of another man or fantasized about anyone but him, but he was CRAZY!  I mean really crazy, but he was just what I needed after coming out a long dead marriage.  I was a teenager with him, and it felt grrrrrrrrrreat. But would I go back with him if the chance arose? Absolutely not.




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