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Past, present, or future...real or fantasy...love 'em or leave 'em. In 5/7/5.

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Be still beating heart.

You are loved and cared for now.

How pleasing the view.

BELLA! SO glad to see you! I hope you're safe and social distancing up a storm. Your haiku is a lovely, happy one--I hope it's written from present personal experience. Write on! <3

love changes all things
panacea for despair
harbinger of hope

Thank you so much Angharad :) Yes it is written from present personal experience. I am blessed. Your haiku also rings true. Beautiful :)

Lying here with you

cheek to shoulder, legs entwined.

No doubt I am home.

Gorgeous, and so evocative. 

OH, I'm so happy for you, Bella! There's nothing more wonderful than to love and be loved. Please write about it whenever you're moved to, and if you want someone to regale with your happiness, I'd love to hear. Just PM me. ツ

safe within your arms
i explore the heights of joy
and the depths of love

Thank you for your support Angharad. My lover has become my muse it seems :)

I also love your haiku. 

Thank you, Bella. I love yours.

As my Draughn was my muse.  Love is a main source of inspiration, joy, and hope on Earth, imo. It's a joy for me to support yours.

I am happy you have felt what I am feeling <3

Oh, so am I! <3

Strong masculine arms

Pull my body into yours

Lips crush. Breathing you.

As we drift asleep

Lips locked Hand pulling me close

Your breath is mine. Bliss




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