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Or is it? Okay, I'm a true believer...How about you? Here's a song from an old, dear friend that expresses it:


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you, light of the world,
shine your love like a beacon
on all around you
Love IS the Answer.
The problem is no one knows
What the question was.
name your price, I'll take
you to paradise... I can't
stay here anymore.

(Love is the Answer)
Put a price on love?
Can it be reduced down to
Just mathematics?

What if my price is...
Cherish my soul, warm my heart and
Passionate kisses?
No response from Scott.
Hmm... How to interpret that??
Paradise is lost...
love lost, love regained
love to cherish all your life
love worth dying for
both men needing hope
one a friend, one a husband
triangle of love
can love ever end
does it withstand forever
verdict not yet in
Welcome, Arthur! I love your mind....

wandering wastelands
eyes search for lost horizons
heart searching for love
throw open the doors
the celestial song pours in...
love filling the void
love is infinite
divide it infinitely
it remains intact




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