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Did you read the story yesterday of all the hysterical behavior going with the boy and the balloon. Do you think this was a hoax to get their own reality show or do you think this was the real thing. They appeared on a reality show recently and the Dad called the media immediatly after calling police. I find the entire thing a little strange. I am glad the young man is safe, but, do not make a fool out of our community services. and who should pay of all this. The boy was upstairs in the attic.

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I think the whole family needs spanked.
Um, actually, according to both NBC and CBS, the call to 911 was made AFTER calling both the FAA and the news.

CBS ran a bit of the film that shows the kid in question announcing he is going to climb inside, then the tape is edited - or it just stopped filming. When it resumes you get to witness the lift off and a pair of frantic parents.

My money is on


It wasn't just the people of Colorado who got to pay for this fiasco. NORAD was involved, so we all got to kick in a bit. The Denver airport was closed for a time, I don't know if any planes were diverted but there were certainly some delays.
Interesting that Dad has several scripts he's pitching to TV producers.
there has to be some kind of penality for this kind of behavior.
Wife swap tv show, twice. Nuff said
I'm thinking it was some sort of a hoax.

The give-away is that they act like such idiots on TV. No real family would act that way. No, I'm pretty sure that it wasn't a balloon at all--it was a flying saucer and the boy and his family have been abducted and replaced by mindless pod people. At least, that seems more plausible than what the father is saying.
Danny! You are being a big spoon! Why are you stirring up all the old stuff? Geeeeeezzzzzz.
I'm just catching up; answering all the old questions that deserve it.

I should be done in a few more minutes.

Then I'll disappear for a few more months. I don't find the endless monotone threads interesting.




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