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What are you looking forward to this Spring?

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Yes, looking forward to spring for warmer temps, Robins and hmmingbirds and to getting my hip replaced on 11 May.  At this time I'm 3 days out from the operation and doing pretty good getting around and doing almost everything  by myself.  Started PT in home, yesterday and it whipped my butt.  Have another session tomorrow afternoon.  Forgot I was supposed to take 81mg of Asprin, so honey stopped to get it today after I had a doctor approintment at 11:30 today.  It was for nothing - just an office visit so they could get their money!  Hope everyone is doing well - ya'll take care and don't overdue MT woman and the rest of you!

So, I survived Spring. Good thing I know how to use a chain saw. I got my mess cleaned up and my kind neighbor made a dump run and took all of my debris, too. Raked and bagged a lot of leaves left unraked from fall, then started working on the raised beds in the garden. Those bags of compost etc are SO heavy, but the beds are prepped. Rain has been lacking, so I will need to water heavily out there before I plant, but shooting for this weekend. I mowed for the first time last Friday, and it needs it again, but will have to wait until Monday. I'm not seeing as many birds as in past years....avian flu? I've only seen 2 robins, and the usual chickadees and nuthatches, but not a lot. Anyway, I'm surviving. 

Keep up the good work with PT, Wendy.




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