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What are you looking forward to this Spring?

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Better health but I'm not optimistic about it.

The absence of SNOW. This winter has totally sucked, with snow on the ground since 11/2, a record freeze of -28 on 12/22 that caused a pipe to freeze UNDER the slab and having to live with minimal water for 4 weeks until fixed at a cost of 3000K. Insurance is covering most of it, if one of the contractors would submit an itemized invoice. I want to put this behind me. So, I"d like to see something green (even if I have to mow it). First I'll have to clear all the broken tree limbs on the ground from the first wet heavy snow. Ever optimistic...fool that I am.

Ouch, MT; hope things get better soon and you have a good spring.

I hope no more deaths in my family. I lost both my son and his wife in less than a year due to cancer. I want to try to grow a few veggies in pots this year. Hopefully better health for me and everyone else having health problems.

So sorry for your loss, East TX granny; hope things get better.

Thank you officerripley.

So sorry. Omg! I didn’t know that your daughter in law passed too.

Thank you Jozee.

Warmer weather, the smell of fresh air, flowers. Hope I can find peace one day.

I hope you can too.

Yes, hopefully for some warmth and Sun.  A big Winter mess to clean up then from broken branches from this Winter's ice storms and wind. Last year May came and it still did not feel like Spring.




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