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For what do you yearn? Is it a painful or piquant feeling?



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I've been rolling this around in my head, Westerly. 

It's perfect.

human dissonance...
the flesh wants, needs, and demands
the higher self knows

quiet the clamor...
let the flesh gladly embrace
what the soul commends

i long for one thing
you my great love...only you
the silent snow falls

I long for something

What it is I do not know

Perhaps a fresh life

I think it's healthy to reinvent your life--to start fresh from where you are. I believe you could do it Thally, if you discover that's what you long for. My desire for the past several years has been far less realistic...

impossible wish
i long to crank the clock back...
to begin again

indeed.... I understand the longing to go back.  I often think of that myself.  Often, yet I know that there is no going backwards.

I long for newness

Waking up, knowing life is

Full of joy and love

constant as a star
guiding me through the dark to
a certain future

one touch of your hand
a day without boundaries
the love in your eyes

expecting nothing
yet hoping for everything
a small flame burns on

everything changes...
phantom kisses dry my tears
your love song goes on

reaching out to you
for the certainty of growth
only pain affords

reaching out to you
for hard-won understanding
and shared peace of mind

reaching out to you
for the grace of forgiveness
mutually sought

reaching out to you
for the balm of your presence
which dispels sorrow

reaching out to you
for the abundance of joy
which defines our love

reaching out to you
for forever as promised
by our two wise souls

if the choice were mine
i would choose to be with you
my heart's yours to break




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