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I'll begin with.....


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knit hat or attached hood?

Sorry, Bare headed for me. OK if push comes to shove, hoodie. (just hope I don't get shot)

stand your ground, or stand down?

I'm female and don't carry guns, so I guess I'm standing down.

"Off with my overcoat, off with my gloves," or "Put another log on the fire"?

Off with my tank top and shorts!! I got all sweaty doing some yard work and just got out of the pool a little while ago. (I did put on swim trunks)

Real or fake Christmas tree?

Real to look at and smell, fake to take down, put up and store. (Love other people's real trees)

gingerbread or pumpkin cake?

Pumpkin please.

Cake or pie?

pie         (cakes have a certain sameness about them, but pies offer an infinite variety).

tablecloth or place mats?

place mats


dishwasher or kitchen sink?

Dishwasher!!! Ours broke a couple of weeks ago and it took 4 or 5 days to get the part. I always wash large pots and anything big by hand, but doing everything by hand was a pain.

Cashes or pecans to munch on?


pralines (pecan/brown sugar candies) or peanut brittle?

Pralines for sure, but I wouldn't kick peanut brittle outta bed either. 

Chex mix, or Combo's. (I don't think those things have as much cheese stuff in the middle as they did back in the day)


Skip breakfast or eat a donut?




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