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I'll begin with.....


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plain strawberries, (well, maybe just a little cream)


chocolates or Jordan Almonds?


deviled eggs or vegetable

Deviled eggs as long as they aren't my moms. She makes the worst deviled eggs!!! Way too much horseradish and those fake "bacon" bits that just end up soggy and gross.

pecan pie or key lime pie?

pecan pie

white cake or chocolate cake

Chocolate cake, although my husband would have chosen white cake.


A home in the city, or a home in the country?



live theater or museum of natural history?

museum of natural history

home or hospital? (that's today's burning question)


living room or family room?

family room (we got home from the hospital yesterday evening)

sleep in or get up early?

up fairly early. It's the best part of the day.


prefer on men: clean shaven or 'staches and beards?

clean shaven

birthday cake or pizza?

Pizza, (preferably one I made)

But I gotta say I've had "staches and beards" for over 4o years. Started growing that stuff as soon as it would grow, approx 18. I'm 61 and have cut my beard off 5 or maybe 6 times. When I do, everyone tells me I look years younger, and that I have a "baby" face. Not sure if that's still true cause I haven't cut it of for about 15 years. And I've never shaved the "stach".

OK, enough about my face...

Women, make up, or not?




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