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I'll begin with.....


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Beale Street. Better food, among other things.

Mellow night at the studio, or blow the doors off ?

I'm gonna blow the doors off the damn hinges!

80's puke or 50's blues?

Why not both ?

Reverently follow in someone else's footsteps, or carve and hack out your own way ?

I've always carved and hacked my own way. Sadly, sometimes with less than desirable effects.

Adjust the situation, or adjust your attitude?

Sometimes the sitch is beyond one's abilities to adjust. So I usually adjust my attitude - or totally mentally remove myself from the sitch and focus elsewhere.

Focus elsewhere with music or focus elsewhere with hobbying?

Either, depending on my mood.


Thrillers, or horror movies?

Hmmm, Movies I think I lean toward thrillers, but with  books it is horror. (big Stephen King fan)

Actual book or E-book? (kindle, nook, etc)

ebooks glare on the screen  for me. So hefting the real article....yeah

George Clooney or Tom Cruise? 

Push come to shove, probably Tom. (more action movies, hey I'm a guy)

Action/adventure, or romantic/comedy movie?

Both!   :-)


Snow or subzero temperatures?




big wet snow or light misty rain?

Light misty rain


Early winter or late winter?




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