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..... Did that happen to you:.. and what people see in you; that you are always balanced and polite… Then something mysterious attacks you, and you start laughing so hard and cannot stop, at the wrong place and wrong time….
And people around you giving you the look of death… but you just cannot stop…
… how did you handle that one, and what explanation did you give…!!!!
Plus, what was the time that you did that and you cannot forget….:-))

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Why do you ask?

I was in the mall. It wasn't crowded. There were a pair of clowns at the end of the mall, they said something. I started laughing and couldn't stop. Laughing so hard and can't stop creepy kind of laughing. Like where's the ambulance and straight jacket kind of laughing.

I laughed for two days.

Really. Not straight, continuous laughing, but yeah. Laughing. I'm laughing now thinking about it.

It was just a couple of months ago too.
Nothing makes me laugh harder than when I'm not supposed to. First time was as a kid when the communion bread cube got stuck in my braces. I asked my cousin if I was going to hell now. The pew was shaking between the 2 of us, snorting and everything, it was awful. Then I remember when I was promoted in the army, Lt. Col. Parker was posing with me for a pic. we were supposed to look serious, photographer would say ok now, one, two and it would start. It took a long time to get that pic. The last and most embarrasing was during a funeral service about 25 years ago.
I'm guilty of laughing sinfully. My kids and I were late to church one Sunday this past Spring so we stood at the vestibule (church's receiving room). My daughter let out a silent fart which I could smell from standing behind her. So I whipped out my tiny Bath & Body Works apple scented body splash spray and pressed down a couple times on the depressor. My son, daughter, and I started giggling and that set me off. I tried to restrain myself from laughing raucously while the priest was giving his sermon, but it was just too funny, by body was wracked in convulsions trying to contain my laughter. The vestibule has a glass pane on the side. I pressed my head on the pane to get myself under control. I'm sure quite a few people on the pews nearby saw me convulsing and wondering what the hell was going on. My kids looked like they too were being tormented by holding in the laughter. They are certainly used to having an immature mom. lol

It was a memorable Sunday.
.... LMAO...thanks Marical for sharing..
I know what you talking about...
My son had to have the same pic...lol
As a young boy and an altar boy in the RCC, my best friend and I would sometimes be called out of school to serve at a funeral. Anyways during the service my friend would stare at me and make subtle but funny faces at me. We would then not be able to stop laughing at this most inopportune time. We would not actually laugh out loud, but as we tried to hold it in we would snort and chortle, sometimes drawing the attention and disdain of the mourners. I knew and felt enough to have respect, however our immature nature would rule the moment... I really would feel bad, and be mad at my friend.......
Oh my God... Church..
I know what you mean...lol




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