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I can hardly believe Labor Day Weekend is almost here already.  It will be just another weekend and day for me but I hope some of you have some special plans for it.  Share them with us and let us know what you have going on. 

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Have fun Mimi.

We're staying home it's just too hot and humid to do anything and I really don't want to get with a bunch of people at this time. Scared of the virus!

Can't blame you for that.  With my son's mother-in-law having open heart surgery that will be no get-together with his family and with my youngest daughter's father-in-law being recently diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer, they will be staying close to home where her father-in-law lives. My oldest daughter is going to Austin, TX where her oldest daughter lives for that weekend. 

We have not gone out except for food shopping since early March so I get it.




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