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I can hardly believe Labor Day Weekend is almost here already.  It will be just another weekend and day for me but I hope some of you have some special plans for it.  Share them with us and let us know what you have going on. 

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Usually we have a family get together at my son's house but not this year. Hopefully things will get back to "normal" next cook out season. 

Family get-togethers are few and far between or non-existent right now.  Sad but true.

It is, like 2020 disappeared at least as far as seeing family goes.  

Labor Day is just another work day on the farm. Normally go to a local BBQ but it is cancelled this year.

I really miss those Texas BBQs a lot.  

Me too.  Normally help BBQ 2700 pounds of beef, pork and mutton on Father's Day but was cancelled this year.  Most fund raisers here are BBQ's and most have been cancelled.

That's a lot of BBQ.  Wow!!  I'd really be in hog heaven at one of those cookouts.  LOL

The weekend after Labor Day is our village wide yard sale. Normally all my kids come and we have a wonderful time walking around the village looking for bargains just spending time together. That was canceled this year the only other time was after the huge flood, Irene. I sure will miss it this year. 

I know you're going to miss that event.

Three of my granddaughters are coming to the house on Saturday to help me with some things that need to be done. We will probably do more talking than anything, but that is fine with me. One is bringing chicken enchiladas for lunch. She's expecting her first child due in February and has a craving for them. Her husband doesn't like them much so she said this way none of them would go to waste -- maybe just go to waist, LOL. At least one is planning to spend the night. I'm looking forward to an "all girls" get-together.

That sounds like a fun day...enjoy

Thank you. I'm sure I will!




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