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International or domestic, municipalities, street names, geographical names--whatever. If it makes you laugh, list it; but be sure to indicate where it is.

In Norfolk County, East Anglia, England:

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Haha--right next to Tiramisuton and Marinaraville, no doubt.

North 2 Alaska

Cool. Haha!

Poisonous lizards in Idiotville, Oregon

Horneytown, North Carolina

Wapato, WA.

The town named after a plant. :>)

Most was Indian Land. They raise lots of vegetables and apples.

Yeah--I love WA. My mom grew up in Everett, and they summered on Guemes Island. I had many happy times on Guemes as a kid, and as an adult when mom moved back.

I like Everett.

I went to private school there.

What a small--you know. ツ Ironically, my mom's maiden name was Everett.

Did you attend one of the Catholic schools? Do you dream of nuns with yardsticks? Naughty nuns? No nuns at all?

Did you marry a nun??




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