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I seems that in some parts of the country "mooning" is indecent exposure...and is prosecuted. It is even called a "sex crime" and people must register as a sexual predator. In other jurisdictions it is considered an expression of freedom of speech...protected under the 1st amendment.

What is your opinion? Perv or patriot? Who is talking out of their ass...which position is ASSinine? (sorry 'bout that).....(OK....I'm not really sorry)

My opinion.....as long as the "hang lows" aren't showing.....it isn't indecent exposure.....except for my plumber...... eeewwww*shudders*

Anybody you would like to moon? I'm thinking congress deserves a vertical smile.

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A company has a balloon with a camera on it floating up and down the St. Clair River between Port Huron (MI) and Sarnia, Ontario (CA). It is a trial to see if it will help in survellaince of the coast and help cut down on illegal aliens.
The Canadians don't like it. So they organized a mooning in one of their parks by the river. Lots of people lined up for the event. Are they all sexual predators? Wouldn't that be considered indecent exposure? What if there are little kids in the park?
I'm not sure old people should be allowed to moon.

In fact, if caught mooning, the old person perpetrator should be made to wear suspenders for the rest of their natural life, in lieu of a jail sentence.
I believe the older you get the more impact the moon has. Any and many teenagers moon.....but when a 80 year old drops trou and tells you to kiss it.....well that's a real statement! Well worth wearing suspenders for that little indiscretion. I can't wait!

Do you think Larry King is serving life with suspenders for mooning someone?
I AM an old person, and I have already bought my suspenders....just in case!

I think I read somewhere that some years back, a divorce court judge ordered Larry King to don the braces!

I think a good mooning is funny.
Actions speak better than words.




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