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I seems that in some parts of the country "mooning" is indecent exposure...and is prosecuted. It is even called a "sex crime" and people must register as a sexual predator. In other jurisdictions it is considered an expression of freedom of speech...protected under the 1st amendment.

What is your opinion? Perv or patriot? Who is talking out of their ass...which position is ASSinine? (sorry 'bout that).....(OK....I'm not really sorry)

My opinion.....as long as the "hang lows" aren't showing.....it isn't indecent exposure.....except for my plumber...... eeewwww*shudders*

Anybody you would like to moon? I'm thinking congress deserves a vertical smile.

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A sex crime? Sheesh!

I'm not an advocate for people dropping trou anytime, anywhere, but most of us have pulled some wild and crazy stunts in our youth (or sometimes considerably after our youth!). It's certainly not worth labelling them as a sex predator.

But really, why else do they call it a "moon roof".... ;-)
HAHAHAHA......Moon roof! I wish I'd thought of that!
God forbid someone should be offended by seeing someone else's ass.
Why is it ok to show a baby's butt but not an adults?

A sex crime, sexual predator... NO thats going way to far, I think most people drop trou to be funny.
Some prosecutors just love pandering to the ignorant fringe. I salute them with a wiggle as my pants hang at my knees.
Who defines free speech? Who defines sexual abuse? Who draws the line? The plumber? Can opinion define policy and law? Tricky stuff.
That's it Hu, I'm turning you in!! :-p
Callipyge, you're surrounded.

[sigh] If you can't beat them....

"Your attitude is noticed, you know. Oh yes, it's been noticed."
Just cuz I like this song and didn't read tru the thread...sorry Hu...I'm in a mood....




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