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Tonya Craft, the lady in Mississippi falsely accused of child molestation, was found not guilty on all 22 counts. She barely missed being another victom of a cracked system where over-zealous prosecuters, DA's and cops, all whose very jobs depend on putting some one in jail or in the chair whether they are guilty or not.

This same scenerio or something akin to it could happen to any of us at any time. Simply hugging a child (that's not yours) or a simple glance, smile or a sincere compliment to a woman (that ain't your wife or girl friend) could put you in jail.

Ever wonder how we got here???

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Should be very interesting indeed.
You're right.....the life of the person is usually ruined no matter how it turns out.
Quinn nailed it, "if found innocent their lives are changed forever". I can't even imagine being falsely accused of something so heinous.
Agreed with all that has been said! Add to that the fact that some of the people convicted of sex offending commit crimes like streaking and end up having to register as sex offenders when they move to new neighborhoods! Yikes!! Once the accusation has been made it seems people are tarred for life!
Ever wonder how we got here???

Try here


It's an old article but it shows that nothing has changed.
Nick.....I read the whole article in the link you posted. That is scary as hell!!! Is there any way you can post this on the forum?? Every one needs to read this!!! Maybe post it as a discussion???
Just a thought...
Tough case, glad I wasn't sitting on the jury.

She still won’t be able to teach in that state again.
Don’t hug anyone’s kids or you might end up in prison.
Crazy world.




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