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Who in your life brings you the greatest joy?

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I think it would have to be my "Wendy-bird" (from Peter Pan). She is made of pure love. And she is so caring and funny. I live all my kids, of course....but Wendy is like your favorite comfy sweater, a hot cup of tea, and your favorite book. She just makes you feel good.
I wish they had an "edit" feature. That's "love".....not "live".

Karen, there is an edit feature. It's at the bottom of your post and you have 15 minutes to edit after posting.

 My great grandson, Keegan. He's 2 and so funny. I always have him a little surprise when he comes over. Not much but at that age he's happy if I get him a box of cereal or some fruit and really happy if I  get him popsicles.

My family and My 2 cats.




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