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Steve Gezeler band playing live at Lord and Savior Lutheran School
Saturday July 25th at 7:30 pm
We'll be performing Steve's latest album in its entirety "When I feel Like it"
and I'll be doing one of my songs, "Black man's Blues"
Should be fun and it will be loud.

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Do you have a website for your band?

that's my website. Although we'll be playing most of Steve's songs, he is reluctant to post his songs online for some reason. Its really just Steve and I with pre recorded accompanyment pumped through the PA and I'll be providing battery with my Roland V kit, Steve will play Guitars, keyboards and singing, along with the pre recorded bass, brass, guitars, keyboard accompanyment. It will be fun. All original and one hour long.

You're so very sweet.
That one's gonna be played really, really loud.
I may have a camera on the gig. Steve doesn't want any of his stuff filmed, go figure.




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