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As in, Valentine's Day is only a month away.


For those of you with romance still writing in yer hearts, PM me a song and a dedication to yer sweetiekins within the next couple of weeks, which will give me a head start on scrounging up some of the undoubtably eclectic choices which I expect to receive.


Git crackin', Romeos and Juliets. Time's a-wastin'.

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"Bumps" is a nickname for Leon the Leprosy Lieutenant, a longtime shadowy presence here on TBD.
We use 'em around here to bring a question that has dropped off the front page or is about to drop off to bring it back to the top...
My bad.....sorry.

I've almost always made it a point to NOT be in a relationship when Valentine's Day approached, and I've suffered the slings and arrows (not Cupid's, I might add) of some of the female posters on TBD I, II and Ning after relating my views some time ago.


I might offer here, however, that a home-made valentine got me some points two or three years ago. 


H-m-m-m, it looks like I wasn't exactly on topic, which happens quite often with my posts.

That figures!  LOL!




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