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As in, Valentine's Day is only a month away.


For those of you with romance still writing in yer hearts, PM me a song and a dedication to yer sweetiekins within the next couple of weeks, which will give me a head start on scrounging up some of the undoubtably eclectic choices which I expect to receive.


Git crackin', Romeos and Juliets. Time's a-wastin'.

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www.wqna.org, Sunday nights, 6:00 pm to 9:ish, CST

I would offer some suggestions, but fear a repeat of two years ago.

I'm still living that one down.

Thanks pal!

Was that two years ago?


My, my...The good jokes ARE eternal, you know.

I don't have one for your show, but I have one for this thread to put a smile on the lips of those who do not have a love song this year..........

Yeah, because "Goodbye Earl" is one romantic song....



That is a great song......thank you.
Yeah, nothing mushy about THAT. With a name like "the Weepies", how could they be anything but unsentimental, rigorous analysts?
For My Lady....

Hey, remember - These things're supposed to be surprises.


Unless, of course, you WANT yer love slaves to know about 'em.


Wait, I get it - This way, they won't have to hear the rest of my admittedly eccentric show. Geez, I feel so used.

Oh....I didn't understand the rules. Don't tell the moderators. * slips money under the table*
Here is a love song for all of TBD Ning......




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