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I wanted something to catch peoples attention, and because this always seem to pop up on the original site. This forum area is much like the TBD many of us first joined before many changes and if we try we will learn to use it again.
I am hopping that this will show that if we use the forum tab as we did the front page on the original site it will make navigation a little easier.
There is a menu for newest, most popular and recent comments, which makes this function like the front page did on the old site.
I read much of the help pages last night. There may be some changes that can be made, however there are some we might like that are not available. It may take some time but it will be up to us to adapt and await some changes that we hope will be coming soon.
Ning is a huge network of small networks and one thing I realized reading the help pages was the original TBD network was unique. It was about what we wrote and how we interacted, not about what apps we added. It was personal.
It is my hope to see more discussions added to this tab(forum) and the blog tab, there will still be discussions in the groups but I think for maximum exposure this would be the place. One thread I would love to see moved here just to show how it can work would be Judy's Thankful thread and perhaps some Q&A's posted here.

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That is just too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You must eat like a lady...

Seemed like a good day
Wow! I was at a thanksgiving dinner here at the Escapees Headquarters RV park Activities Center. There were 199 people there. The club provided the Turkey and gravy. Each of us had previously signed up to set at a numbered table with friends. We paid $2 and each brought a item for the table. I made good old Stove Top Stuffing. We had all the turkey you wanted, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, baked beans, cold slaw, sweet potatoes, two or three types of salad, lots of dishes that I didn't sample, lots of pies, cakes, fruit salads, cool whip and real whiped cream, various cheezecakes including a pumpkin cheezecake and lots of wine. I'll recover in time for Christmas. I hope.
As it should be.
Just so.
For those of you with time on your hands, I attach the original discussion. Extract both, and double-click on the .htm file.
Pru, Wanna clean out my closet?
There's only one way to find out for sure.
I am just so jealous Felicia, Pru has never "felt" me, no matter what thread I show up on. (I try to give her as many chamnces as I can)




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