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What do you call your evening meal?.....your noon meal?
Being raised on a farm in North Central Texas the noon meal was dinner and the evening meal was supper. Lunch was a sandwich you took to school or something you ate in the shade of a Cottonwood tree at the edge of the hay field. If you were near the house at noon, there was a meal...not a snack.

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Right. Robbie.....lunch was what we had if for some reason dinner wasn't available, and...lunch was pretty much just a snack of some sort.
That must be why I think of it that way....USAF...or just my East coast parents...
Dinner or Supper (pretty much interchangable terms up this way)
Lunch is the noonish meal no matter what you eat or how much or how little.
Dinner is the evening meal.

And, brunch is just wrong--if you're hunrgy for eggs, eat breakfast, if it's cold cuts you want, eat lunch...
We always figured if you ate "dinner" around dark-thirty you were from the 'city"
Dark thirty--I like that!
My boss quits at 4:30, or as he fondly refers to it--beer thirty.

p.s.--I'm from the "city" ;-)
I won't hold that against you....;-D
Thank you! *huge sigh of relief* ;-))
Breakfast, dinner at noon, lunch at 3pm and supper at dark.
That works...
Brunch (if we're too late for breakfast)
Supper or Dinner
I grew up knowing both sets of these, Bob.
I grew up in white collar 'burbs, where it was breakfast, lunch & dinner.
But my grandparents still followed the "farm" ways of breakfast, our 'big' meal was an early afternoon 'dinner'
& then 'supper' was a light evening meal.




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