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Grizzlies in the park attacked campers!

Did you see that on the news? A mother bear with

3 cubs. Now the park service has captured "what they

think are the offending bears" with the intention of

killing them so they don't do it again. My question is;

What do you think of that?  Personally, I think it's a

disgusting reaction on our part. Yes, I know that the

bear might now think of humans as prey but wouldn't it

be better to just take them a thousand miles into the

woods and let them go?

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Should have left Yogi and Boo-Boo a pic-a-nic basket. Mama Bear was mad because she didn't get any either.
Hi dot,
In this case, the grizzlies didnt come to town, people went out to bear turf to go camping. So, I guess they expected all the wild animals to pose nicely for their photos and when the animals got pissed, the people got hurt, and now pow! Dead bears!
I think once all the information on this has been studied there will emerge a better understanding of what happened here. Right now its all speculation.

Personally, I would never camp in a tent in bear country. I'll roll my sleeping bag out in the back of my car, thank you.
Here's presumably the most current information.

So what was proved besides one less bear, will not change a bear's instinct when her cubs are threatened. And they think we are the smart ones?




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