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About ready to break down here.     I am serious folks (for once) and I urgently need your help.     My daughter has almost talked me in to getting a dog......VERY almost.      We tried the dog thing when the girls were younger and ended up with the snottiest lil' creature you ever laid eyes on.     Paid good money for that runt too.      It's now been over ten years since we've had a pet.      And I'm not kidding myself in regards as to "who" is going to do most of the chasing.......that'll be me.     I've gotten her to agree that if we do get a dog, it's going to be a small creature along the lines of a Shih Tzu.     Non-shedding and quaint.      Talk me outta this people.      Tell me everything I need to hear to do the right (smart) thing.      She (my 21 yr. old) wants this so bad that she's even volunteered at our local Humane Society.     She's making me feel guilty, the lil' rat.      Volunteering by a girl that has trouble getting out of bed.     What's up with that ?    HELP ME PLEASE !     

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What do you mean, "They can't come with you"? Just go buy yourself a large RV.
That Robbie, always with the Common-Sense solutions.
I'm with the shelter solution. There are so many who need homes. All of our cats came either from a shelter or just found us, and they were/are sweethearts. If you're looking for a snotty lil' creature, by all means go for a purebred (I'm thinking of my grandmother's Siamese!); I've never met a mongrel who put on airs. ,-D

Now, as far as size goes, you may want to consider that a very small dog is portable...

...whereas a very large dog could carry you.

I vote for a pair like these, which I just shared w/TeeBub...

I think you might be the wrong person to have a dog. It's like having another kid, sometimes they can be a bother but for the most part they are wonderful additions to the family. I had a fantastic dog for a long long time and it nearly killed me when I had to put her down. This time, I will wait until I'm 70 or so, so the two of us will grow old together.
I'm a cat guy, but I think dogs are great too. Mainly, I don't want the responsibility of caring for a dog. Dogs seem to exhibit pure joy when they are in a pack of other dogs (or in a pack of humans, for that matter). They also seem so happy when they can ride in a car with their heads out the window, or ride in the back of a pick-up.

Aw nuts, now I want a dog.....anyone want a couple of spoiled 14 year old cats in trade? LOL!
I can hook you up w/a cat loving dog or 2, Stir! '-)
OOPS, too late! I've already lapsed back into my "avoid all responsibility" mode.

I just hate it when that happens.
You can always get a "Happy" fix when I'm around.

Kitties fit in anywhere....anytime...IF they want.
I feel like that kitty every time I go down to the donut shop in the morning for coffee.
I felt like that kitty the whole time I lived in SE Michigan. Good folks. Good place. But 'foreign' for me, you know?




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