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Anyplace. The wedding,the funeral. Perhaps the birthday or anniversary. A going away party, or a Welcome. A chance meeting with a TBD friend, or a face to face over lunch with a Facebook person you haven't seen in MANY years. What would you say?
Me..."Hey, how you been?"

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You don't look at all like your typing.
Jack, I had my 40 th class reunion and I had a chance to see people I have not seen in that length of time. I said my name, and said I was glad they were there as it had been a long time.
And I said "Because I wanted to see if you could wear 3 inch heels and still not be taller than me".
What is the average yearly rainfall in Brazil?
30 cm (11.8"), funes.
So this is how life is, huh?
I'd say: :I didn't like you then and I probably won't like you now." It's a good icebreaker.
It's so great to see you. Larry, this is (insert name). (Insert name), this is my husband, Larry Kremis.
Whatever the occasion, these two words have always worked for me.....

"Are you happy?"
I'm so sorry for your loss!
Happy birthday!
Your 90th anniversary? Wow, good going!
I'm so sorry to see you leave, but you'll have a brand new life in your new place.
Welcome. Why not join in and introduce yourself?
Wow, is it really you? I never met a TBD person before.
Uh, hi, uh, long time, no see, huh?




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