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I popped in on TBD this morning at 5:20 a.m. and found my two comments still on the first page. Why is that? I thought by now that all you witty wonders of wordage would have filled page after page with questions, comments, new thoughts, etc,  and that my stuff would be way back in storage somewhere. 

So, this is a challenge. If you've read this far you are probably up to it so don't think about it just pop in here and tell me what's on your mind. The weather, your wife or husband, the deadlines you have to meet, what you're dreaming of, or anything at all. Everyone is waiting.

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DD....don't know big the rim is, but have you tried a gear puller???

Yes, go Dodger!! Man think, LOL. I might just have learned a lesson here. I usually get the major itchy rash when I get confronted with mechanical problems. The last time was when the washing machine ate a towel. I did my best I tell ya. I did remember to swear, and yanked and pulled. It was in tatters in a few minutes. I didn't know the agitator came off! Who knew? Good luck with that nasty rim, though I'll bet it's off by now. And plenty sorry for giving you trouble.

~~~~walks off chuckling~~~~

DD, I've had the same problem with car rims. If you try this just BE CAREFUL! Replace the lug nuts, but don't tighten them down. Make sure the threads of the lugs are fully engaged, but there needs to be some "slop". Carefully lower the tractor off of the jack. Sometimes just the weight is enough to break the rim loose. If that doesn't work, GENTLY move the tractor a foot or two forward, (and back if necessary) The weight and movement should loosen the rim, but the loose lug nuts will keep the rim on the tractor. I've never had a rim that wouldn't come off using this tactic, although the last time I did this I had to drive my van about 20 feet before it popped loose. Good luck and BE CAREFUL!!!

That rim might have won the battle, but I'm betting on you for the war DD. You have Bob and TeeBubba in there with you. Plus I know I'm pulling for you. Probably everyone is. It doesn't stand a chance.

This sounds like something I'd like to see video taped.




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