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I popped in on TBD this morning at 5:20 a.m. and found my two comments still on the first page. Why is that? I thought by now that all you witty wonders of wordage would have filled page after page with questions, comments, new thoughts, etc,  and that my stuff would be way back in storage somewhere. 

So, this is a challenge. If you've read this far you are probably up to it so don't think about it just pop in here and tell me what's on your mind. The weather, your wife or husband, the deadlines you have to meet, what you're dreaming of, or anything at all. Everyone is waiting.

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The old lady in the mirror doesn't look so hot this morning, but thanks to yesterday's manicure, everyone's gaze will probably be directed at how soft and supple my cuticles are.

Sure Faye, but guys never look at your cuticles. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've never even looked at my own cuticles! What are they anyway?

I need a shower and wash my hair, go to at least 2 grocery stores, weed whack and cut the back yard, make a pan of brownies. finish painting the kitchen ceiling, vacuum up about 6 pounds of cat hair, and let Michael know what's on my mind.

hi dubbadee, snow falling here. No yard work being done by anyone but the rest of your task list? Well, put double sided tape on the cat and he'll pick up his own hair, put a hat on your head so you don't have to wash your hair, put the brownies in the over and paint while they cook. You should finish all this in about 3 hours (unless you're one of those coupon shoppers) so the rest of the day is yours for the making.

Sorry about the snow Michael. I took the first plunge of the year in the pool this afternoon. Yeah, chilly, but I've swam in colder.

Well michael, I sprained my ankle slipping down off the ladder yesterday. It's nice and swollen/ugly. I probably shouldn't have climbed the ladder, but I needed, badly, to make changes around here. I did get the curtains traded from one room to the other yesterday, and they look great! The weather is outrageously gorgeous; just right for some in depth porch sitting while pondering the mysteries of the universe while listening to Snagg's playlist through headphones. But first, I'm trying to decide whether to watch Mr. Blandings Builds His Dreamhouse, or Mildred Pierce while I have my prolonged coffee time along with the Motrin I just took. My husband is doing great and looking oh so handsome. I'll be so happy when it is finally retirement time, and we can (more or less) take it easy. I'm dreaming of beating him at Hand and Foot Canasta this evening. We're married 36 years this coming Monday, and I've only beaten him a handful of times.

Hi Joella, I want to be where you are! Some place where its warm enough to sit on the porch and ponder. It's snowing right now here in tacoma and I just called the school to see if they've canceled the day yet. 36 years married huh? Congratulations. But I can see why. After all that time you still have wonderful things to say about your husband. So refreshing to hear that. In my world, I most often hear wives talking about rotten stuff concerning their spouse. I hope you know how special your are.

I'm wondering how long it's going to take to finish unpacking all of the moving boxes and then how long it's going to take me to get settled in, but mostly, right now, I'm wondering how I'm going to use the loo when a workman is in there replacing the sink...

Quinn, look for the nearest bush!

What Michael said.....

Well it's 2 hours later, and all I've got done is the shower and hair wash. I think I'd get more accomplished if it weren't for Michael wanting to know what's going on.  ;-)

After 35 years of accumulating at home as well as at work, I am finally on the same page with both of them:  Sort, toss, recycle, donate, organize and (at least at work) move on.

I always thought that when I retired, I would be leaving my coworkers to labor on without me, but it looks like our project will be shutting down completely after the funding runs out this year and my next cruise will be on my own time rather than on accumulated vacation time.  At least that's what it looks like so far.  

I don't know whether to be grateful that it's over and I can't go back or grateful that it's over and I don't have to go back.  It's a fine difference~~~




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