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Why would you want to live anywhere else? You Yankees just don't know what you are missing.

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AC Kittycat AC Or the local swimming hole.
Why I love the south. We mean what we say. My neighbors are so crazy.
This happened near me this week. I've been in that store any times.
Oh yeah he's a redneck, and probably proud of it.
I know exactly where he is coming from. That pay before you pump shit has always irritated me too.
I've been known to drive to another gas station rather than do it.
I know exactly what you mean. Annoys me, too. But the 7-11 I go to for tractor gas let's me do the transaction right at the pump, without even going inside.
Yeh, I get Irate about it too. I used to refuse to buy gas from any place that had that policy. But now the choice you have is , pay at the pump, pay inside or run out of gas hunting for a gas station that is owned by honest people who treat others as though they too were honest also. Many times I have had the urge to do what this guy did, but
1. I realize that the clerk in most cases is not the owner and does not set the policy.

2. In my dottoring old age I have gained the wisdom to know that when I lose control and do something like that it will be all over. Probably would be a good way to go though. Your kids would have a story about their crazy parent that would be hard to top.
Quotes about the south.

"Southerners have a genius for psychological alchemy...If something intolerable simply cannot be changed, driven away or shot they will not only tolerate it but take pride in it as well."

-- Florence King

"What can be more Southern than to obsess about being Southern?"

--Elizabeth Fortson Arroyo

"Southerners can't stand to eat alone. If we're going to cook a mess of greens we want to eat them with a mess of people."

--Julia Reed

In the South, the breeze blows softer...neighbors are friendlier, nosier, and more talkative. (By contrast with the Yankee, the Southerner never uses one word when ten or twenty will do)...This is a different place. Our way of thinking is different, as are our ways of seeing, laughing, singing, eating, meeting and parting. Our walk is different, as the old song goes, our talk and our names. Nothing about us is quite the same as in the country to the north and west. What we carry in our memories is different too, and that may explain everything else."

--Charles Kuralt in "Southerners: Portrait of a People"

Whenever I'm asked why Southern writers particularly have a penchant for writing about freaks, I say it is because we are still able to recognize one.

--Flannery O'Connor

"The biggest myth about Southern women is that we are frail types--fainting on our sofas...nobody where I grew up ever acted like that. We were about as fragile as coal trucks."

--Lee Smith
Yup, just three weeks ago a woman used one to bust a window out of my house. Gotta get that fixed. Still have a piece of plywood covering the hole.
A minor difference of opinion.
She wanted in my house and I wouldn't let her in, so she took a skillet from my outdoor kitchen and heaved it through the living room window.
I think she took umbrage at me putting a 45 on the end of her nose, and threatening to bust a cap in her ass if she didn't get off my property. The last I saw her she was walking away screaming " YOU'RE CRAZY"
Women...go figure....can't live with 'em can't shoot 'em.
And Boy Howdy do they ring when rapped upside Paw Paw's head!!! Me Maw was also very adept at wielding a rolling pin! She laid him out once with one and then another time with the other. It was better than watching reruns of Hee-Haw!!!
Me Maw was for prohibition! Paw Paw on the other hand....I learned at an early age what yeast and copper was for... ;->
"I grew up being taught to answer my parents questions with a " yes, sir " and "yes, maam" as a form of respect."
Amen to that.

Both of my Great Great Grandfathers ( maternal and paternal ) were officers in the War of Northern Aggression.
I have visited both their grave sites.
Was Mr. Bennett talking about the "country" called the "Confederacy" or was he talking about the United States of America?




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