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I'm not in a very good place right now. I'm fairly certain that it won't be forever, but it's as if time has stopped for me. In fact, time doesn't seem to exist at all. I can't recall my past. My present is just nothingness. Is this existence? I sense an expiration date in my future . Do I even have a future? This place I'm in is dark.

There seems to be no light at all. How did I get in this place? I have to get out of here. I have a vague awareness of there being light so close yet so far from this place I feel trapped in. This is not the seedy kind of place I want to be in. It feels cold, moist, clammy, and strangely I'm faintly detecting an odor of grapes. it seems like an eternity has passed since I perceived an instant of fresh air after this odd popping sound and a sense of something metallic near me. OMG. OMG... It just hit me. I'm in a jam

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Are you sure it's not a jelly?  Jellies get caught in timelessness far more often than jams around here.  You just need more kids around.  And more peanut butter.  And for goodness' sake, pull that wet sliding label back up over yourself.  Well, you're still sweet.

must be jam,cuz jelly don't move that slow

Stealing this!




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