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Robbie! Don't go!
Here's an interesting (well, I think so) fact about Minnesota, maybe the whole upper Midwest. Soda pop - we simply call it "pop" here. Other places they call it "soda".
We call it "pop" here, too, D. D.!
D.D. Olsen asks,
Let me ask you a question, TSD. How did you get your name?

It's been my nickname/stage name for over 20 years.
Pop notwithstanding D.D., do you say so-DAH or SO-dah?

I dunno know why I need to know that!
Because you are a repository of knowledge for the Leelanau.
Hey, so do I! LOL!
I say SO-dah, Stir. I'm hard on the Os. And some other vowels, too.
Where in the nursery rhyme does it say humpty dumpty is an egg?
I'll get back on this.....*google google google...*
Short, overweight drinker of stout....that's my take...
The things I learn from reading these threads...




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