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Though I am not surprised at the ranking, I'd like to know what dominating factors contribute to our lower ranking on the global Human Development Index scale.

The 2009 report was released on October 5, 2009, and covers the period up to 2007. It was titled "Overcoming barriers: Human mobility and
development". The top countries by HDI were grouped in a new category
called "Very High Human Development". The report refers to these
countries as "developed countries".


The HDI combines three dimensions:

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I'm an agnostic but it doesn't bother me that all our presidents have done this and continue to do so. I think their speach writers advise them to do this, it's probably on the teleprompter. It makes anybody who says this look like a good guy and it helps to garner some Christian votes. Image dear Kathy, it's all about image.
Kathy, Could you give me an example of the horrible things some president has said about Christians? One reason that we need to seperate religion and politics is that most religions teach that the members should do anything to convert or subordinate everyone to their religion.
I think that the constant struggle between the rich and the poor is one of the things that fuel progress. Capitalism is an economic system, not a form of government. It seems that none of the human devised forms of government or economic systems in their pure form continues to work over an extended period of time. They all need modifacation and regulation. Humans are a competitive species. Almost all forms of life on this planet has competition as part of its makeup. Without competition we do seem to go stale. And change is a constant. Change in this world cannot be denied. There is another thread on tbd about what hasen't changed in the last 50 years. When you look at the answers you find that even many things identified as not changing in reality has changed. Many items keep the same shape or appearance but have changed in size or ingredients.
If you read about the economic and political situation in this country during the first decade of the 1900s you will find amazing simularities to the present. What we need is another Teddy Roosevelt.
I don't believe that any president has ever been elected in this country without professing to believe in God and being a part of some church or other. (I could be wrong, but I can't think of one).
I think you're right mak. Nobody is going to elect an athiest or an agnostic. The majority of the voters believe in some kind of higher power. You have to go after the majority to get elected.
BAF, I was prepairing to post the same conclusion. I believe that of the 26 countries ranked in the highest category the US is the largest in population and possibly land size. I would hope that there was some leveling factor in the criteria but don't recognize it if there is. Also, to be ranked 13th out of all the countries in the world would not seem to me to be a low ranking.
I also agree that we have to do something to reign in the power of Corporations.
What happened to trust busting?
That is rhetorical.
I appreciate thoughtful insights from where ever they come, B A F. It seems to me that Canada has its priorities straight, throwing out a social safety net (health care being a big part of that) so that all of its people can live with dignity and hope. I would never tell you to mind your own business.

Besides, I know how compassionate you are toward this earth and all of its peoples...

(even people much more needy than you, like those here in the United States!)
My beddie bye time. I hope someone can tell me what we can replace evil capitalism with.

Good night all.
Communism does not work. Look at the former Soviet Union. Under communism they have no new ideas or growth.
Capitalism is free enterprise that encourages new growth and new and better products.
The government has little or no control over these companies and this irritates some that think the government should ride herd over everything. If you want a thriving economy, turn them loose.
Why do allot of people hate corporate America? I don’t have a clue.
People blame the banks for out latest recession even though they are following rules made by our government. The mortgage mess was caused by government orders to make sure the poor own their own homes. They never took into consideration the far reaching consequences. Most of these people never even had jobs or money to pay the banks back. This AAA rated paper was sold worldwide and pulled down the banks worldwide. Part of the stimulus money was used to buy this bad debt back.
Now the tax payers are stuck with the bill.
Our government then looked for someone to blame. They settled on the prior administration and made them the scapegoats. They also blamed the evil money sucking banks that were just following banking regulations..
The more the government takes over the operation of our private enterprise, the poorer this nation will become.
I'm 100% in agreement darroll. I know it happened but I don't understand how it happened that during the Bush administration the order went out to financial institutions to lend to those who couldn't pay the money back. Even a retired truck driver like myself knows this has huge failure written all over it. Did the order go out with a promise to the banks that the taxpayers will cover any and all losses, which we did.

I'm sure when communism was invented it looked great on paper. No worries for the citizens, the government will take care of everybody. Sounds nice but it goes against human nature.
Did the order go out with a promise to the banks that the taxpayers will cover any and all losses, which we did. End quote.

No the banks got rid of this paper as fast as they could.
They sold it to mortgage brokers that gave it a AAA rating backed by the government.




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