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Though I am not surprised at the ranking, I'd like to know what dominating factors contribute to our lower ranking on the global Human Development Index scale.

The 2009 report was released on October 5, 2009, and covers the period up to 2007. It was titled "Overcoming barriers: Human mobility and
development". The top countries by HDI were grouped in a new category
called "Very High Human Development". The report refers to these
countries as "developed countries".


The HDI combines three dimensions:

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I'd like to thank you for all your input so far. I just find it odd that a country ranked high on the Quality of Life index would rank many rungs lower on Human Development Index and also going into further decline as the red marker down suggests.
Capitalism works! It runs hand in hand with freedom and liberty. Human nature requires it, we need incentive to be all that we can be. Be thankful for the industrialists who followed their dreams and created opportunities for the rest of us who wanted to work and provide for our families. Do you believe in progress? Bettering lives? Without incentive, the human race becomes stale and stagnant. We've let capitalism get out of control here in the U.S., tax loopholes have allowed us to get so far in debt, as well as other things. Capitalism needs to be kept in check, and it hasn't been. Big money bought our elected officials. How do we correct it without abandoning capitalism?
I don't know how Larry....key components seem to be profit, competition, and deregulation. A mixture for a well defined and very unbalanced class system. This brings about an unbalanced power differential as well. Any suggestions?
Well, it is entirely possible to have a democracy where the central institutions of society are under popular control. Under capitalism, we can't have democracy by definition. Capitalism is a system in which the central institutions of society are in principle under autocratic control. What is corporatization but an attack on democracy.
Funes, you made 4 claims in 4 sentences. Could you explain each claim so I have an understanding how you came to each conclusion. I promise to keep an open mind, this way I may be able to come to your same conclusion.

I'm with Larry ... please explain what you said just above...I'm stumped.
Modus ponendo ponens, baby! Take what I stated as a conclusion or result or observation and search for facts or inferences that support it. Critical thinking and outside the box reasoning.
True belle. Profit and competition are born of human nature, can't change it. Deregulation is born of our elected officials, a poor attempt to control capitalism, deregulation doesn't seem to work. Our elected officials are afraid to properly tax those who reap high profits, they fear reprisal. We all know the power that lies behind money. The wealthy need to be taxed accordingling. I'm all for doing away with the IRS and income tax and funding our federal govt. with a sales tax. A 100 million dollar home would generate a lot of revenue for the feds, as well as yachts, luxury cars, jewelry, luxury vacations etc. We all know how much income tax we pay the feds each year, imagine that money in your pocket and your purchases costing another 30% in federal sales tax. I use 30% as an example, it would need to be calculated so we could get out of debt and pay for our social programs. For those God damned rich people we all seem to envy and hate, the feds could put a small income tax on their savings and investment earnings, because, at first, people will be hesitant to spend due to the high sales tax, the first year or so they'll tend to want to invest it rather than spend it. Even drug dealers will contribute with a sales tax.
I have an observation, but I don't think it's a solution. It is a way to think about things, though.

Most of the problems with capitalism have come from attempts to subvert it.

From the Robber Barons with their collusive pricing agreements in restraint of trade to the modern-day proponents of the abolition of the estate tax (which they call the "Death Tax" in a brilliant bit of PR), there is no end to people who want to carve out exceptions in the capitalist system, as long as those exceptions make life easier for them.
What is wrong with having your children read the ten commandments?
I would shock you if I talked about religion. I was a follower of Garner Ted Armstrong. He was a science preacher. He was a womanizer though and this lead to his downfall.
As far as spanking, I would of probably ended up in prison without it. My parents told me not to do something, I would have to be shown that they meant business or I would continue to do it. Some kids are nice, though.

I got hold of a confidential document that said, "be careful about giving your employees huge raises", "they just buy dope with the raise". How can this be capitalism’s fault?
Go to Cuba where they have to ration toothpaste, they have not figured out how to put the paste in the little hole. It takes a capitalist to figure that out.
I think we have enough air-heads in this country without legalizing dope.
I see nothing wrong with having your children read the ten commandments darroll. Most church going parents I've known my entire life have raised fine, church going children. IMO, Freedom of Religion is one of our finest rights as Americans.




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