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How old were you when you fell in love for the first time?

I had several crushes while in school, but did not fall in love for real until my 20s.

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Thank you, Pru! LOL!
I first fell in lust when I was thirteen. I'm still waiting on that love thing to happen.
I hope that love thing will happen for you.
17. I'd post a pic but you never know if Kittycat might pop back in here. My sister made a scrap book for my 60th birthday, there's a graduation pic of us in there.
Thank you, Larry!
His name was Captain Nemo.
Oh gosh. That would require me actually knowing what love is. I don't know. Part of me thinks I fall in love all the time, part of me thinks I haven't been there yet.
What a great memory, Steven!
Thank you, kainsworth! I think you do know.




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