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It has been so long that I now divide my life into when I could get sex and after no sex.

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not as often as I would like it to be
I hope to hell it's like riding a bike.
it is like riding a bike except a lot more fun :)
I knew you were kinky.
to me, SEX is what I mark on a form. Sad so sad
When I see SEX on a form I mark Sometimes.
GraceLinda, There has to be a lot of horny guys over your way that would jump at the chance.
Here horny guys, herehere horny guys. Or should I put a sign glued to my forehead? Nope you know its not just sex I want, it want the hand holding too.
Oh, You want the whole package, not just SEX!
Your friends don't know any single men?
if they do they are not telling me
Since you're married, go for the married guy, they're less likely to tell.




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