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I can't eat steamed, whole lobster without making a spectacle of myself. How does one eat lobster with refinement and still enjoy the meal?



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By not worrying about how you look whilst eating it. It's a finger food and a food that requires you to crack the shells and dig and suck and poke and pull. Number one on the messy (and possibly sexy scale) (followed and/or preceded by sucking raw oysters)  - why do you think Woody Allen devoted a good long session with Annie Hall over the preparation of lobster . . . !

Best done on the beach in one's bathing suit with lots of garlic butter and a hot man by one's side and the ocean a few feet away. 


You can manage dainty by not sucking. That's about it kiddo, so have fun and don't worry about it!

Take your lobster under the table so no-one can see.
In my opinion, that sounds like something for the bedroom.
Or just have the kitchen staff have at it and put it on the plate ready to go..no fuss, no mess..and you can still have drawn butter to lick off your fingers!
Use a bib.

Since I'm alleregic to shellfidh, (really pisses me off) rhere is no way for me to eat a lobster with finesse.

 I can eat one if I want to go into anaphylactic shock, but there isn't much finesse involved in choking to death.

Now, I'm hungry.  BTW. he didn't eat the body?????? I eat the meaty part of it.

Do other people chuck that part out?

Its not really one of my favorites.....too much work for the rewards gained.  I prefer fish.




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