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Although I've put some links to adoption websites on the group main page, I decided I wanted to post some horses that caught my eye, and their information, from many sites. Seeing some of these beauties may lead a horseless rider to a horse that needs a loving, forever home. Please add any horses you know of and their important statistics and contact information.

"R King of the Road"  

16.2-1/2 hands

5 years old

Thoroughbred Gelding

Adoption fee: $500 from New Vocations  http://www.horseadoption.com/horseprofiles/r-king-of-the-road/  (He's residing in Marysville, OH on 7/31/13)

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Name: Smoke Screen
Barn Name: Smoke
Age: 2007
Gender: Gelding
Height: 16.2 hh
Color: Gray
Adoption Fee: $600
Location: Laurelville, OH

Smoke Screen is a big, stunning gray, pacing gelding.  Smoke stands 16.2 hands high and has a very beautiful profile. Smoke has big, dark intelligent eyes, with lovely white eye lashes! This son of Admiral’s Galley raced only 19 starts. This pretty boy has been off the track for a few years and has had a few months of professional under saddle training this year.  Smoke is a very nice mover, with a great ground covering, flat trot. His canter can be a pit “pacey” so that is not solid or developed, however, he will easily pace and could go on and be a very nice gaited horse. Smoke has been ridden in the indoor arena and can walk and trot patterns with confidence.  He also has been ridden outside and in the fields and is a steady trail horse.  He is not spooky or afraid of things such as cars, tractors, etc. He easily has mastered the trail bridge, as shown in his video.  He also rides very confidently with children running around, loud noises, ponies, etc. He is extremely confident under saddle when he is  ridden by a confident rider. Smoke is willing to try new things and wants to be ridden on a daily basis. He loves having a job!  He will make a beautiful show horse, can do light jumping, dressage, foxhunting or all around trail partner.  Smoke will need an advanced rider who has the knowledge to continue his training and enjoy him. Smoke has a very loving and sweet personality.  He will stand quietly in the crossties, farrier, and clips.  He is very good to load and haul and gets along great with other horses. All though Smoke is a Standardbred, he does act more like a Thoroughbred in his demeanor. He is more sensitive than most Standardbreds and very in tune with his rider/handler. He will be wonderful for anyone that has worked with Thoroughbreds and understands the breed. We are excited to see what this beautiful horse goes on and becomes in his new career!!


Name: Ho No Sputnik Lo "Legend" is a very kind and sweet gelding with a great personality. He was an honest race horse with 38 wins and $499,459 in life-time earnings. This well deserving boy loves attention as well as being groomed and pampered. At this time, Legend would only be suitable as a companion horse or a big pet as his legs are tired. He is very sociable with people and other horses, and still has a lot of spunk for an old timer! Legend would be best suited to be outside 24/7 as he is sensitive to allergens. He has no vices and is good for the vet and farrier. Legend is currently being fostered in the Salford area. Come by for a visit and some "fuzz therapy".
DOB: April 13th, 1993
Height: 15.3 hh
Sex: Gelding
History: Last raced in February 2007 (Pacer)
Colour: Dark Bay
Health: UTD on all shots and worming
Training Level: n/a
Suitability: Companion

Here's another beauty.

Name: Hi Wheeler
Barn Name: Peanut
Age: 2006
Gender: Gelding
Height: 16 hh
Color: Bay
Adoption Fee: $400

Laurelville, OH

Hi Wheeler is a stunning,16 hand, gelding that raced 91 times on the pace, however he loves to trot and canter.  This horse has a beautiful head and neck that he carries very proudly. “Peanut” has been great to transition under saddle and has a nice smooth trot and has started training at the canter.  Peanut has been started on free jumping as well.  He has been ridden in the indoor arena, started on patterns and also been ridden outside on the trails.  He is very happy to do what his rider asks of him.  Peanut retired sound and does not have any lameness issues, making him a great candidate hunter/jumper, dressage, foxhunting and trails.  Another great thing about Peanut is that he is easy to drive and he would make a beautiful pleasure driving horse. His former trainer said he always preferred to trot if he didn’t have his hobbles on. Peanut is great for the farrier, loads, clips, lunges and hauls like a professional.  Peanut is not spooky, but we feel he will do best with an intermediate rider until he gets more finished with his training. Hi Wheeler is a striking Standardbred that is an elegant mover, so his potential is limitless!

Another beautiful 2-year-old girl! Only $400.

Name: Dixie's Tune
Barn Name: Dixie
Age: 2011
Gender: Mare
Height: 15.3 hh
Color: Bay
Adoption Fee: $400
Location: Marysville, OH

We love the mind of the 2 year old fillies because they are so much more mature than the boys at that age and have a good sense of self as well. They are all about doing their job, soaking in all of their training and loving the praise they get for a job well done. They are such little sponges at this age, but because Dixie is young, she will require a rider that knows how to work with and train a 2 year old because she still needs patient guidance. Dixie is learning to work in a nice rhythm and is already soft in the bridle trying to work in a frame all on her own. She has shown to be a very quick study, fearless and an overall happy girl. It is always fun to watch her work and she is such a pretty, well-built horse for her age. Dixie has no vices and will be suitable for flat work only. 

Dixie loves her turn out time and it is so cute to watch her with her best friend, who is another 2 year old, as they romp, play and investigate everything in their pasture. They are rarely ever more than 10 feet away from each other and have recently accepted the third youngster into their group without issue.

With a Breeder’s Cup Mile winner as a sire and a Breeder’s Cup sprint winner as a grand sire, Dixie has the genes to be an athlete.   

Prayers At Mass

Prayers At Mass 4/22/2013

Prayers At Mass 4/22/2013

Prayers At Mass 11/13/2013

Prayers At Mass 11/13/2013

Prayers At Mass 11/13/2013


Prayers At Mass is a 5 year old true black mare standing at 16.1 hands. Suitable for any discipline, zero restrictions. Super sweet and gentle. Great bare feet. Easy to keep weight on. Recently restarted under saddle. Smart, calm, and very willing.

Never The End

Horse Stats
Name: Never The End
Barn Name: Eddie
Age: 2010
Gender: Gelding
Height: 16.1 hh
Color: Bay
Adoption Fee: $700
Location: Hummelstown, PA Race Stats
Total Starts: 9
Highlights: Winner
Total Earnings: $42,052
Last Race: 12/5/13 Pedigree
Sire: Latent heat
Dam: Red Dot
Other Notable Pedigree: Seattle Slew, Mr. Prospector, Native Dancer


Never the End, or Eddie, is sure to steal your heart with his gentle, kind eye. He has a sweet and loving temperament. Being recently gelded, Eddie has had a lot attention recently. Currently, his favorite things are to have his mane combed or a nice neck scratching and apples are one of his favorite treats. This boy trailers very well and loads and unloads with ease. When turned out, Eddie is very quiet and relaxed.


Eddie has smooth gaits and a ground covering canter that is easy to sit. He does not seem to be fazed by anything and willingly accepts new things. In just a few short rides, he has shown great talent and ability over fences.  We feel that he will excel in the hunter ring. He would be suitable for an intermediate rider with a trainer.


thoroughbred horse

9 year old thoroughbred gelding


Maryland bred

by LOUIS QUATORZE (Sovereign Dancer) 

Second Stride Inc. Kentucky 501 (c) (3) Not for profit organization for retired thoroughbred racehorses

- See more at: http://www.horsesales.com/quarters.htm#sthash.LJAWkxTr.dpuf

Just under 16.2 hands. Good natured under saddle and a nice mover. Ready for retraining. 

By Louis Quatorze, out of a Polish Numbers, Sir Ivor, Buckpasser mare. 

Appears suitable for any sport horse use. He has already hopped bravely over our introductory jumps. 

Located at Moserwood Farm in Prospect, Kentucky

$250 adoption fee for approved applicant

email: info@secondstride.org

Call: 502-845-8879

Look at this BEAUTY!

Name: Tatterdemalion
Barn Name: TD
Age: 8 (2005)
Gender: Mare
Height: 15.2 hh
Color: Bay
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Laurelville, OH 
Total Starts: 20
Total Earnings: $11,590
Last Race: 6/15/2007 Pedigree
Sire: Mr Lavec
Dam: Guard The Dream
Other Notable Pedigree:


Sweet Tatterdemalion is ready to hit the trails! This 8 year old trotting bred mare was lightly raced at 2 and 3, before starting a short broodmare career.  Now she’s ready to write a great new chapter in her life, as a riding horse.  TD is a lovely bay, with a striking white blaze and three white socks, making her quite the fancy mare. TD has had 6 good months of under saddle riding and has been ridden on trails with groups of horses, alone.  TD has also been schooled in the indoor arena and is doing basic pattern work.  She’s learned to longe and has been ridden down the road, on trails and is proficient with her gaits while working in the indoor arena.  TD has a nice stride at the trot and is most willing to learn and try new things.  TD has been ridden both in an english and western saddle. TD has a nice way of going and is relaxed under saddle.  She stands quietly for mounting and dismounting, crossties, loads/ships well, stands quietly in the bath stall and also for the farrier. This mare is looking for a special person to bond with and is ready to bring much joy to their lives.

4 year old thoroughbred gelding


Indiana bred


Second Stride Inc. Kentucky 501 (c) (3) Not for profit organization for retired thoroughbred racehorses

16.2 hands. Out of a Sunny's Halo mare. Retired from racing with reported sesamoid injury. 

Never Raced. Kind but green, needs a very experienced rider. Appears sound from a basic examination. X-rays recommended if adopting for a specific sport. 

5 generation pedigree >>

Located at Moserwood Farm in Pleasureville, Kentucky

Adoption fee waived for approved applicant

Please submit an Adoption Application with your inquiries. 
Approved Application is required to see a horse. 

email: info@secondstride.org

Call: 502-845-8879

- See more at: http://www.horsesales.com/brycesexpress.htm#sthash.JEIamsfA.dpuf

Adoptable Retired Racehorse of The Day - Golden Terror

Golden Terror is a handsome 7 year old, 16hh Standardbred gelding who is ready for a new career through theSunshine Horses adoption program. GT is currently located in Syracuse, New York. 

GT is a well-built boy who is currently being ridden indoors, outdoors and on the trails. He has an old racing injury that has healed properly and he is enjoying training for a new job. GT is sweet, brave and extremely willing under saddle, he would do best with an intermediate rider to help shape his potential! 

Golden Terror retired racehorse for adoption through Sunshine Horses
Golden Terror racehorse for adoption through Sunshine Horses

Name: Fast Double G
Barn Name: G
Age: 2009
Gender: Mare
Height: 16.1 hh
Color: Grey
Adoption Fee: $1000

Hummelstown, PA

Fast Double G, or G, is finally ready for a forever home with someone who will put the time into her to bring out her full potential. This mare has been with us since November 2013 and in December she received the best Christmas present she could ever ask for from Metro Meteor, the Painting Horse. Metro helped to fund  G’s knee surgery and has given this mare the second chance to have a full potential career after the track. Without Metro’s help this mare would only have been suitable for a trail horse but we are proud to say that G will be suitable for any discipline (however we believe she’d excel in the hunter ring) with an intermediate rider with a trainer. We have found that G. relaxes well and loves to be ridden outdoors.

G’s personality is very much like a dogs, loyal and kind. She is very much an in-your-pocket type of horse and she is a joy to work with on the ground as well as in the tack. She stands well for baths, grooming, tacking, and mounting. Her sweet personality has quickly made her a barn favorite! Currently she has one companion in the field and although she is the boss mare of the two she is not aggressive at all. G has quickly adjusted to treats and loves peppermints, apples, and carrots. She is currently up-to-date on all of her vaccines.




Name: Purely Awesome
Barn Name: Awesome
Age: 2008
Gender: Gelding
Height: solid 16 hh
Color: Grey
Adoption Fee: $400
Location: Hummelstown, PA

Purely Awesome, or Awesome, stands well to be groomed, bathed, tacked, and mounted. Bath time may in fact be his favorite part of the day as he insists on playing with the water before having his body hosed off. This boy LOVES treats. He can hear the crinkle of a peppermint wrapper from a mile away.

From day one of his rides after his recovery, Purely Awesome, has hardly put a foot wrong. He has been ridden out and about on the farm as well as in our indoor and outdoor rings. We recently just started his canter work and he has been progressing nicely. If you have been following his story you know that it is truly amazing. Awesome has gone from being barely able to walk after his track injury, to having a good prognosis of making an intermediate rider a wonderful trail or pleasure horse. After ten months of stall rest at out facility, Awesome was transitioned to turn out, gelded, and started back under saddle. Due to the fact that he was recently gelded we believe that Awesome would be best suited in a home with limited or no contact with mares.




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