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What do you dream of this holiday season? This one's for my Beloved, who embodies all my hopes, dreams, and wishes...

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the child of your heart
the Child of one shining star
divine covenant
A new Child is born
savior of our carnal world
best wish for us all
is the Child walking
with us on terra firma
time of fruition
to be with you now
to be with you forever
my abiding prayer
holiday wishing
for those who revel the new
a safe return home
auld lang syne kisses
bright hopes for new beginnings
angels smile on high
late evening snowfall
yesterday now blanketed
fresh start tomorrow

love encompassing

two souls in a cosmic dance

that lasts forever

so far from my arms

my true love follows a star

may it lead him home

merry Christmas wish

to all my haiku partners

a season of peace

With metub4, I wish all my haiku friends the sweet fulfillment of your secret longings...

Happy Holidays!

it's a long road back

but i'll be home for christmas

if only in dreams



I'll Be Home For Christmas






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